Referral Point System

To utilize the capital granted by Sui and Optimism, we launched this referral points system on OmniSwap to incentivize our users to engage in this excellent omnichain world.

The rewards will be distributed after every Epoch ends (1 Epoch=1 month).

How can I engage in it?

Enter our official website, and find a referral code in the official Twitter comment area, connect your wallet to complete the signature.

Your points will come in two ways:

  1. Swap: You’ll get 10% of the bridge value as your points. For example, if you bridge 100 $OP, the total value is 125, then you’ll get 125*10%=12.50 points.

  2. Referral:

  • Inviter: Every inviter will get a 10%-25% percentage of invitee. If the inviter gets 15 invitees who generate 15000 points in total, then the inviter will get 15000*20%=3000 points.

  • Invitee: Every user being invited by others will get 50 points at once. Normal users won’t get points, so it’s better to enter in with a referral.

※3. Important Notification:

  • The initial 50 points every invitee gets won’t be rebated to the inviter, preventing vicious invites.

  • Both invitee and inviter have to bridge one transaction during the Epoch, otherwise won’t be eligible to get rewards even have points.

How about the prize pool?

The prize pool varies with the “Trading Volume” metric. The more trading volume is, the higher the prize pool is.

Currently, our monthly volume is around 5-6 Million(as of writing), and the initial prize pool is $3000. If during the campaign, the volume reaches higher, we’ll distribute more rewards to eligible participants.

The details of your rewards.

We set the “Percentage Model” to deliver your rewards. For example, if you get 200 points, but in that Epoch, there’re a total of 20000 points, and the initial prize pool is $3000. Then:

Points Percentage: 200/20000*100%=1%

Reward: $3000*1%=$30

Since the points vary, it’s better to keep an eye on it, making sure you’ll get satisfactory rewards.

All the details are shown at the top of the page.

Compensation Scheme

Hey, if you've been our omnifan for a while, you might have heard of or participated in our 'Gem Hunter' campaign. However, due to some changes in our business, we have decided to close it down.

We don't want your efforts to go to waste, so we've fully recorded your points and data and will soon come up with a compensation scheme that rewards you through our Referral Point System.

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