๐ŸŒ›Why OmniBTC?

We know there has many DEX, so why do we have to use OmniBTC? Here, we list some advantages compared to others, for users to better choose.

  1. Chain Abundance

OmniBTC now has supported 14+ popular chains, like Owlto only supports 4 chains, and Bungee supports 11 chains(as of writing).

We always can smell the newest updates in the market and integrate the chain speedily, for example, we're the first DEX support Base chain when they come to mainnet within one day's development.

For users who are interested in new/popular/raising pubic chains, you can choose OmniBTC without a doubt.

Besides, unlike Orbiter/Owlto bridges are limited to chains if you want to bridge $BNB, only bridging BNB chain and opBNB chain are available, what we support can interoperate with each other boundlessly, you can bridge your $BNB with all kinds of chains like BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism...

  1. Support Tokens

You will be surprised since we support 20+ thousands of tokens, every token you want to transfer will be available in our ecosystem. In contrast, Owlto and Orbiter only support 4 tokens, limiting the space for users to bridge.

  1. Cross-chain Bridge

We now support 20+DEXs and 7 bridges like Wormhole, Layerzero, cBridge, Connext Protocol, and CCTP...

Every time you make a bridge, on the right of the page, you'll see the route information about the L0 protocol you use, the estimated gas fee, and time.

A potential benefit is that many L0 protocol/ L1 chains haven't released their tokens yet, you can choose the specific chain/L0 to swap, increasing the possibility of airdrop just with one transaction.

  1. Referral Point System

The main benefit for users is that every time a user bridges, they will receive 10% of points based on their bridging volume. The higher the percentage of your points, the more cash rewards you can claim when each epoch ends.

Although the prize may not be big for normal users, it can still cover some portion of the gas fees you incur.

The specific rules and details will be introduced here.

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