Compared with existing solutions,

Most of the existing cross-chain swap schemes have a fractured state between bridging and swapping, which means that users have to make at least two transactions to complete the cross-chain swap. To make matters worse, the existing bridges only accept limited tokens and networks. For example as follows, users have to make at least three transactions(two thirds are manual) to swap LINK on Ethereum for Doge on BSC.
For a few better schemes, users only need to make two transactions but still need an extra swap on destination chain manually.
However, by using OmniBTC, users can swap any token between any chain with one click. Besides, we have a novel algorithm which can calculate the best price and the lowest slippage for users so that users can enjoy cross-chain swap with one click in a low-consumption environment.
As you can see, OmniSwap unifies the liquidity on every chain, instead of building up pools, and provides more profits for LPs.