PSC——Polkadot Smart Chain

Now OmniBridge fully serves Sui and Aptos.
PSC is the abbreviation of Polkadot Smart Chain, we are thrilled to announce that OmniBTC has won the 34th slot of Polkadot, which provides a possibility for us to connect Polkadot with EVM ecosystem and MoveVM ecosystem.
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    PSC is the extension of ChainX technology and the ChainX community, together with ChainX, accomplish ChainX's mission: Cross-chain Hub of Assets.
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    Polkadot takes the mission of connecting thousands of chains. Based on the heterogeneous message cross-chain protocol LayerZero/Wormhole, OmniBTC realizes one-click cross-chain transactions of public chain tokens such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbtrim, Optimism, Aptos and AVAX. Cross-chain interaction with external non-Substrate chains: only need to link PSC chain to OmniBTC cross-chain network through message cross-chain interoperability protocol. Parachains in Substrate cross each other's chains: all parallel chains of DOT are connected through XCMP protocol, similar to a LAN in the Internet. Then, a router is set on the PSC chain to connect the internal cross-chain (LAN) between the above Polkadot parallel chains and the external cross-chain (WAN) of non-DOT parallel chains. We will be able to realize the mission of Polkadot's universal chain interconnection.
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    Turing's complete intelligent contract platform is easy to realize cross-chain messages, but it is difficult to integrate BTC into a cross-chain programmable network. Therefore, programmable message cross-chain protocols like LayerZero/wormhole do not realize BTC message cross-chain. At this time, ChainX's light node +Taproot distributed key cross-chain technology+lightning network intelligent contract technology become the bridge connecting BTC network. That is to say, OmniBTC can seamlessly realize the programmable message cross-linking of BTC through ChainX router.
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    Native dot, as the EVM smart contract platform of gas fee, can integrate DOT into tools such as metamask in Ethereum Ecology, linking and integrating Ethereum and Polkadot communities.
There are too many follow-up plans, which will change in the long run, but the mission of Web3, the interconnection of thousands of chains, and cross-chain intelligent programming have always been our direction.