DOLA Protocol

DOLA protocol is a decentralized omnichain liquidity aggregation protocol with single coin pools of each public chain as the core, cross-chain messaging protocols such as Wormhole, Layerzero as the bridge, and Sui public chain as the settlement center.
Each public chain's single coin pool allows users on any chain to provide liquidity to the protocol. The cross-chain messaging protocol is responsible for interconnecting the single coin pools, and Sui public chain acts as the clearing house, bringing security, concurrency, and low fees to the protocol.
Based on the DOLA protocol, we will develop a variety of financial applications. We will develop an OmniLending application based on the omnichain single coin pool, which can meet the deposit and borrowing needs of different chain users. Compared to the Aave Protocol, which provides liquidity for lending on a single chain and borrows third-party cross-chain bridges for cross-chain lending, all lending operations for OmniLending can be performed on any chain, which greatly increases lending protocol capital utilization and enables users to perform lending operations without perception of the chain.
We will develop a new DEX application that differs from traditional AMM by allowing users to provide unilateral liquidity for unilateral market making. The new DEX application allows for efficient cross-chain Swap, low slippage and reduced impermanent losses. Also compared to the Stargate stablecoin cross-chain bridge, the new DEX application allows non-stablecoin cross-chain swaps, further aggregating chain-wide asset liquidity.
Based on single-coin pool OmniLending, we can extend to NFT omnichain lending in one step to meet the demand for collateralized lending of non-homogeneous assets. We can also plug DOLA protcol into the already live OmniSwap and other Web3 applications as a portal for omnichain liquidity. The original intention of DOLA protocol is to build a decentralized omnichain aggregation liquidity protocol that is scalable enough to allow us to introduce omnichain liquidity to different Web3 applications.