What is OmniBTC?

OmniBTC is an omnichain financial system aiming to connect and unify all the on-chain liquidity.
The hub of the system is DOLA Protocol, a Decentralized Omnichain Liquidity Aggregation Protocol, which enables users & dapps to realize fully composable cross-chain DeFi Transactions.
By using DOLA Protocol and connecting with other DEXs and Bridges, there are some user-friendly omnichain financial applications in OmniBTC, such as OmniSwap/OmniLending/PSC.
The mission of OmniBTC is to connect and unify all the on-chain liquidity and provide users with the best cross-chain experience.
Now, OmniBTC has integrated with many excellent DEXs and omnichain interoperability protocols(e.g., Wormhole, LayerZero), now focusing on Sui & Aptos.

Key features:

  • DOLA Protocol. DOLA Protocol is a Decentralized Omnichain Liquidity Aggregation Protocol with the single coin pool of each public chain as the core, Wormhole, Layerzero and other cross-chain messaging protocols as the bridge, and Sui public chain as the settlement center.
  • OmniSwap. Based on LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, users can swap any token between any chain with one click.
  • OmniLending. Enable users to deposit/borrow assets on chainA/B/C and withdraw/repay assets on chainB/C/D without bridge.
  • PSC. PSC is the abbreviation of Polkadot Smart Chain, we are thrilled to announce that OmniBTC has won the 34th slot of Polkadot, which provides a possibility for us to connect Polkadot with EVM ecosystem and MoveVM ecosystem.